Nan Miner

Sewing is a family tradition. Some of my earliest memories of my mother are her crafting costumes and sewing me dresses at her sewing machine. A sewing machine I would use years later to create my own designs. I'm now starting to teach my own daughters to sew and I'm sure my girls will have many memories of me at my sewing machine.

My first loves were Theatre and Dance. My years of performance eventually transitioned into Theatrical Costume Design and I found my home. I will always love my years on the stage, but my time back stage and in costume shops taught me to care for fabrics, ruthless organization, the importance of pockets and how to think outside the box to create fantastic things. 

When I began creating wedding dresses in 2006, I realized that I could bring a unique eye to the world of traditional wedding gowns. Especially for brides that are looking for something other than white, although I have made lovely and special traditional gowns as well. All of my bridal clients have been a joy to work with and I know that when they walked down the isle, they felt like their best selves. 

I am a curvy woman. I married an extraordinary man and am a mother to two amazing daughters. I am a seamstress. I craft, bead, bake, garden in containers and I love to read. I drink oceans of coffee. I love sci-fi and superheros and coloring with my children. I believe all the facets of myself make me a better artist. Let's create something amazing together!